Building Consensus on WebRTC

Oct 02, 2014

Last week I gave an interview on WebRTC to Chad Hart at webrtcHacks:

I’m at the IIT RTC Conference this week in Chicago which is an excellent, no-BS conference that featured many WebRTC luminaries and one of best events I have attended in a long time.

On Tuesday I moderated a panel with WebRTC contributors and ORTC promoters, Robin Raymond of Hookflash, Bernard Aboba of Microsoft, and Peter Thatcher of Google, asking many of the same questions I did on the ORTC Q&A several weeks ago.

Dan Burnett was in the room, asking a lot of questions. If you don’t know Dan, he is a long time W3C author and editor. He is also one of the Godfathers of WebRTC who was there right at the beginning. He also has a highly regarded book on WebRTC coauthored with Alan Johnston.

Toward the end of the session, after the panelists had made it clear they were positioning ORTC as an evolutionary, layered approach to WebRTC 1.0, Dan came up and said:

I am very pleased that this group has come around to this way of thinking.. I love this, I think this is beautiful.

Now the W3C is based on community consensus, so no one individual – even a highly influential one like Dan – can speak definitively on what the community thinks, but I saw this is an extremely positive sign that the ORTC and mainline WebRTC groups may indeed coalesce as the ORTC proponents had been saying. Formerly I had only heard statements from the ORTC members to this end – not so much from those outside of this side group. Dan’s comments were a good initial indication that the ORTC Community Group would not just be summarily dismissed upon presenting their proposal.

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